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for teens, 15 - 20

So, I'm in the Radio & Television Broadcasting class at EMCC in Fairport.
And, I'm getting some info for one of the segments that we're doing. So,
if people could comment back on this, that would be a lot of help, and much
appreciated. Alright, here's the question:

What are you interested in?
Where do you go with your friends for fun?
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I have a college interview at the Bagel Bin Cafe in Brighton tomorrow morning. I've never been there. What kind of place is it? Do they serve anything besides bagels? Is it big?

Are you good enough?

Great show at Richmond's Saturday night! (Okay, I'm biased.)

Stanapalooza w/The Badenovs & The Franks
Richmonds, 21 Richmond St, 454-4612, 10 p.m., $4
With special guest Chaz Lockwood, formerly of Lotus STP

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Is anybody in the Webster area missing a black and white kitten? Looks to be approx. 3-4 months old.

seasonal help?

does anyone know any places that will be hiring help for the holiday season? I come home on december 17th from college and i'd like a job for some extra cash.