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"the rockinest thing since frederick douglass and susan b anthony"

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a rochester community
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Temporarily closed. Please see roch_ny if you wish to participate in a local community at this time.

Hurrah Rochester! This community is for those from Rochester, those currently residing in Rochester, those planning to visit or move here, or anyone interested in this city or upstate/western new york in general. It's also for those who just miss the place sorely (ahem). Best place to grow up in ever...

The friends (i.e., members) list of this community journal is helpful for knowing what's going on in Rochester, and what's going on in the lives of Rochesterians.

absolution started this journal mainly to have a helpful friends page of Rochesterians. She is also an active moderator.

dollpaper is now an active moderator as well.

Feel free to contact the maintainer or moderators via email, journal comments, or this community with any issues, questions, or concerns.

Please try to keep posts on-topic to Rochester/Western New York/etc. If you're not sure what is on-topic, look at past posts, or ask a moderator. Please check the Memories for the community (link is above, looks like ) before posting to see if your question has been asked before. Events in Buffalo or other nearby areas are acceptable material for posting. Blatant promotion that borders being spam is not.

If you accidentally post something that is off-topic, don't despair. It can be an honest mistake. Just drop either moderator a note, and they will be happy to delete the post for you.

Another note as well... If you'd like to post images, feel free. However, an image with dimensions over 300x300 tends to disrupt journal layouts and is considered bad form. Please use an LJ-cut tag. For more information on this, click here. When in doubt, use an LJ-cut tag.

It's unfortunate to have to come to this, but off-topic/obscene/offensive postings or comments will be dealt with. Furthermore, off topic posts or flame bait will be deleted--without notice. Be forewarned. Furthermore, repeated relentless flaming will result in banning. We'd like to keep this community a place where everyone can speak up and not feel intimidated. You may always use your personal journal for inflammatory material, thanks. Most importantly, we want posts that relate to the idea of this community--informing local people of events and topics of local or regional interest. It is not helpful to talk in generalizations and randomly post your rambling here--that is what your personal journal (and perhaps a different community) is for. Thank you for your cooperation.

Again, feel free to contact either one of us via this journal's email address if you have comments, questions, ideas, or concerns. And thanks to all the motivated members for making the community such an active one!
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